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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Style Spotlight: HAIM


(From Left to Right: Danielle, Alana and Este at a Fendi event.)

HAIM is an insanely talented girl rock band made up of sisters Danielle, Este and Alana ('the' quintessential downtown LA girls in my opinion!). Apart from their awesome music, the girls each have their own unique style which translates to a one of a kind aesthetic when together as a band. In this new series I'll be showcasing figures in fashion, music and film who inspire me and delve a little deeper into their style choices. Read on for some style inspiration!

Notorious for wearing oversized ACNE leather jackets, band tees and vintage denim cut offs (soooo rock chic), she's currently been on a kind of style evolution lately, incorporating more classic tailored pieces into her looks, but is still partial to the 70's rock aesthetic on stage (which suits her down to a T in my opinion!).

If you've been lucky to see the band live, you would know about the legendary faces she makes when playing the Bass (seriously its on another level haha). To me her style is more 'quirky girly' in terms of the silhouettes she favours, which is predominately skater skirts and dresses. Tres chic!

'Babyhaim' aka the baby sister of the group, Alana's style can best be described as eclectic boho. She's the quintessential Chloe girl, who can rock a flow chiffon bell arm blouse with Levi 501 cutoffs one moment, and a minimal jumpsuit with flares, the next. I would say that her style is a perfect mixture of her sisters and with her own unique spin on it (which I'm really loving!).

It's been 3 years since they released their last album 'Days Are Gone' but its now said that they're working on new music and my inner fangirl can't wait (especially for the album styling)!

Who's style is more like yours? Comment down below.

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