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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What my top tv heroines taught me

#1.Stick to your guns

There might be people and situations that can make you doubt every aspect of yourself, but trust me speaking from experience, the best option is to always stick to your gut and at the least you'll know that even if your decision didn't turn out as well as you had hoped, in the end you made the choice on your own.  

#2.Sing it anyway

I just had to include this gif of her famous smelly cat song! To me Phoebe is the quintessential poster girl for not giving a care what people think and not following following the crowd to fit in. It's okay if you don't like your boyfriends music playlist or think that mom jeans should return to the 80's! Seriously just be true to yourself, there's no one else like you!

#3.Girls before Bros

True story. Best friends are the OG clique that will be with you through thick and thin, boyfriend or not so it's always great to make girl time to catchup and support each other. 

#4.Network, Network, Network

This ties in with the previous one, but I think the importance of networking and creating a strong network around you is so underrated! Networking is so important professionally because it opens you up to new industries, opportunities and the major plus of meeting so many likeminded people who you can be challenged by and grow from just by being mentored by them. So whatever field you'd like to work in just reach out and attend events, work your linkedin profile contacts and start networking!

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