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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Op-ed 'High fashion streetwear': Is the pricing disproportionate?

The fashion industry is always changing in response to pop culture,world events and through appreciation of the past. For quite some seasons now, there seems to be a penchant for everything casual: pyjama inspired tailoring, luxe sweatshirts, and street style aesthetic.

Is the pricing disproportionate?
The juggernaut that is Vetements is the current poster child for this movement of streetwear influenced high fashion, with hoodies and t-shirts that many believe have been marketed at a disproportionate retail price. Or have they? Street wear labels such as Supreme, Hood by Air and Off-White are all examples of labels that are rooted in the streetwear aesthetic, but through the use of fabrics and silhouettes (usually found in more traditional high fashion houses) elevates the concept of streetwear and accordingly the price will be higher than your average sweatshirt because of the detail that has gone into making it. A Vetements hoodie may be expensive, but just like the brands I've mentioned above, it is this level of detail put into the garment, such as the versatility of the hood placement and the now distinctive elongated arm silhouette that warrants such a price tag. It's arguably no different to what a designer in a traditional house would do: i.e. aiming to create a distinctive signature with the design and applied techniques.

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